Use & Care

  • Always wash your cookware in warm soapy water.
  • A soft scourer may be used to remove stubborn stains, but you should refrain from using a scourer on the outside of the pot and lid as this could result in your cookware losing its shine on the highly polished exterior surface.
  • Badly burnet foods will require you to fill the pot with warm soapy water, and allow il to stand until the
    burnt food softens and loosens.
  • Your cookware should never be left unattended when cooking on a medium or high heat setting, As this may result in a Permanent damage to the base.
  • Stains or discoloration may occur from time to time. Vinegar or lemon juice should be used to remove these stains.
  • The use of nylon or wooden utensils is advised, as metal utensils are
    likely to scratch or damage the metal surface of your cookware.